Friday, July 11, 2008


I was going to write about Audrey, which I will, but I'm not going to do that today, because the undertaking is going to require a scanner and more time than I have at the moment. So instead I'll just write about a few things I was thinking about, fashion-wise.

First off, I found a website to buy accessories that made me wish every shopping website were designed like this. It is You should go there and play if you feel like conveniently browsing through pretty things. :) I almost bought a pair of fuschia flats from there but then realized I was only hypnotized by their amazingness; I would only wear them twice. Thus, no dice.

Also, I'm not usually a fan of silvery dresses, but isn't this pretty? Claire looks radiant. It's Gucci.

I love that v-neck and the soft silk (is it silk?) belt. So flatterinnnng....

Oh, and one more thing. I've done some casual browsing through the Resort 2008 fashion shows, and man...I love what they're doing! The bright colors and interesting combinations make me smile. Apparently snippets of the 80's are still around.
Understand, however, I've only browsed into the B's of designers, so I'll post more of what I like as I get further in. The designers are
1) Akris
3)Badgely Mischka


Elizabeth said...

Hey Julie! This is Liz from homegroup and I just wanted to say that I read you blog and I like it. I'm glad you are doing what you feel passionate about. That makes me smile. I agree about Claire's dress. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

just FYI: Strike two for Anne: