Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a tear has been shed.

Anne Hathaway was moving up the ladder of fashion classiness in my book of standards, but after seeing her where something like this outside the house, she has been erased from my book entirely. Everyone is allowed the occasional revolting fashion faux pas, but this was just plain tastelessness when applied to her situation.

The only time I can justify a top like this is on the runway with models who don't have chests. Oh Anne, how you've disappointed me so! Your cute earrings did not save you. I've discovered my fashion religion has no Jesus to forgive all sins. Things can add up to eventually send a person to fashion hell, and if a certain sin is bad enough, the person can be sentenced to eternal burning right away.

I'll write something more positive next time. To end on something good, here's a picture when she was still on the path of the good and true. *sigh*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

names, identities, truths

Oh, time, where have you gone? This weekend was one of the most introspective weekends I've had in a good long while, and although it hurt a little, truth and joy were the juices I extracted when all was said and done. Regarding this blog, these are the things I realized:
  • I was trying to be someone else rather than just plain old me.
  • I was too caught up in being/looking professional, when in reality the best approach is to just, as I said, be me.
  • The name is not Julie enough. Who's Jane, anyway? If I ever get published, the name is going to be Juliette Pafoofnic, and that is final. Jane is a faceless doll in the nether-regions of my mind, not a real person.
Those things being said, here is the birth of what is my real fashion blog. Here is what it will be about today...

If I could be any celebrity, I would be Zooey Deschanel. Why? She's classy, she's unorthodox, she loves vintage, she's talented, she's real, she has electric eyes, and her name is part of a Salinger title. She is all spark and all woman. Here are a few visual examples:

^Although, they air-brushed her left arm. (see it?) Why? She's a stick-figure as it is! Bah. Oh well...still a pretty photo. I LOVE the dress.

and one more,

Here are some specifically cinematic examples:
1. She was great at being rebellious and high-looking in "Almost Famous". And you've got to smile and giggle at that stewardess outfit.
2. Her character's singing voice in "Elf" was not dubbed over. That was her.
3. Even though it's a kids' film, I really liked her role in "Bridge to Terabithia". *sigh...that movie reminded me a LOT of how I was as a kid.
4. I looooved her character in "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"...and who else could look cuter in bright blue go-go shorts?
5. Ok ok ok, "The New Guy" was a duuuumb movie, but at least her voice was real in all the singing parts. Oh well.
6. Even though "The Good Girl" depressed me to no end, it was a very difficult piece to act and both she and Jenn did a stellar job. Art is not always pretty, I suppose.

I can't imagine what it'd be like to have my life written out on Wikipedia (because I read about Zooey's on there and I started feeling a little stalkerish even though it was public information). Hooray for celebrity lives. At least we can enjoy the fashion! :)

p.s. unrelated to fashion but still important are the new albums out by the following bands/artists... find! listen!
  • coldplay
  • the black keys
  • aimee mann
  • sigur ros
  • death cab for cutie
  • jakob dylan
  • the zutons
  • my morning jacket
  • old 97's
Not saying they're all the greatest, but they're still important! Often, to listen is to know.