Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a tear has been shed.

Anne Hathaway was moving up the ladder of fashion classiness in my book of standards, but after seeing her where something like this outside the house, she has been erased from my book entirely. Everyone is allowed the occasional revolting fashion faux pas, but this was just plain tastelessness when applied to her situation.

The only time I can justify a top like this is on the runway with models who don't have chests. Oh Anne, how you've disappointed me so! Your cute earrings did not save you. I've discovered my fashion religion has no Jesus to forgive all sins. Things can add up to eventually send a person to fashion hell, and if a certain sin is bad enough, the person can be sentenced to eternal burning right away.

I'll write something more positive next time. To end on something good, here's a picture when she was still on the path of the good and true. *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

I could've gone my whole life without seeing her nipples.