Wednesday, May 14, 2008

questions and swaps

A dear friend of mine told me yesterday that it's important to ask yourself two questions whenever you're purchasing any sort of clothing or accessory item.

1: Do I love this item?

but more importantly,

2: Does this item love me?

After asking myself those questions, I actually bought about 85% fewer items than I would've bought if no questions would've been asked.

I think everyone should go through this mini self interview before they go to the cash register. It'll hopefully eliminate most of those things we never wear!

And speaking of never wearing something...Have you ever done a Clothing Swap before? I recommend that groups of friends in every community try it. You take whatever clothes in your closet you still respect but never seem to wear, and bring them to a specified time and place. Others do the same. Once you're all there, you basically set them out in the middle of the room and everyone just sorts through and takes what they want. It's a wonderful method of reusing resources that also feels safer and warmer, because the exchange is done with trusted comrades rather than mere strangers. I always love wearing a cute shirt I know was loved by my friend Melyssa or whoever.

I highly recommend it!

No pictures today. Subject for tomorrow: wide belts

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