Tuesday, July 1, 2008

free to roam

It was proven to me last week how numb I've become to the fact not everyone is used to seeing breasts. I didn't think about how appalling it would be to check out someone's fashion blog expecting a refreshing series of delightful and wholesome items and see, instead, a horrific image of Anne Hathaway's "mammary glands", as my father put it. All I was thinking when I posted the picture was "Holy buckets of blood! What a fashion travesty!". I was not thinking about the actual body parts.
So in learning this, I most sincerely apologize if I made anyone cringe for a week. It was sort of the effect I was going for, but I wanted the world to gasp at the bad wardrobial choice, not the actual chest. So, if you care to observe, I censored the picture. Never again will I cause such visual anguish.

And on to something more refreshing. Today was Princess Diana's birthday, so I wanted to post a picture demonstrating her timeless class and glowing kindness. She is one of my fashion role-models, for sure.

Here we go. I was delighted to find a picture of her not only in a gorgeous suit and heels, but talking with Mother Theresa, who had the most beautiful heart of all, so I found it gloriously appropriate to include her as well.

Happy birthday, Di. I wish you were still around, because I think you would've aged so gracefully and I would've loved to have seen not only that but the greater scores of good works you would've accomplished for children and the poor. That goes for you too, Ma Theresa. What a lovely pair of ladies.

Tomorrow or later this week when I have more time I'm going to post an entry on Audrey Hepburn, so keep checking back!

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Anonymous said...

Never apologize for something as funny as Anne Hathaway sans brassiere! though the censor squares you added might just make it funnier....